Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Best Western Nottingham Derby Hotel operates with a culture that recognises responsibilities to society, to maintain safety and quality in all our operations. We recognise that the hotel’s activities affect many people in the local community.

It is the policy of the hotel to carry out all measures reasonably practicable to seek to meet, exceed or develop all necessary requirements to improve the hotels impact on society.

The hotel will comply with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to the processes and activities of the company.

The aims will be wherever possible:

  1. Assess the environmental effects of the hotel’s activities in its operation.
  2. Reduce the amount of waste produced.
  3. Reduce the consumption of raw materials, water and fuels.
  4. Reduce and/or limit the production of pollutants to the environment.
  5. Limit the noise in and around the site.
  6. Support the activities of local organisations and businesses, thus ensuring the hotelcontinues to have a positive impact on the community both in day to day operations and in the future.

The hotel will strive to enhance environmental awareness and understanding in all employees, suppliers, customers, sub-contractors and the public. Where possible the company will provide information and assistance to customers on environmental issues arising from its products and services.

The hotel has developed a ‘Green management file’ providing evidence and a ‘Green action plan’ to be communicated to guests and staff.

Activities Currently Completed/Undertaken Recycling...

  • Where practical waste paper used for scrap, e.g for note taking.
  • Waste cooking oil recycled.
  • Paper and cardboard recycled.
  • Glass recycled.

Energy Conservation...

  • Light bulbs where practical replaced with minimum acceptable wattage & low energy light bulbs.
  • Infra-red sensors, (for lighting) installed where practical.
  • Only essential lighting, for health and safety purposes are left on when the hotel is closed at night.
  • All staff aware that all non-essential lighting and heating is to be turned off when not in use.
  • Heating is regulated throughout the hotel by times, and in the winter reduced to minimum comfort levels and operates on a sensor so that it only comes on when the room is occupied.
  • The hotel windows are double glazed and double glazing is installed as a matter of course on all new build works/refurbishment.
  • Endeavour to minimise the use of the kitchen dishwasher, washing by hand where practical. When using the kitchen and bar dishwashers only use them on a full load.

Water Conservation...

  • Green towel and linen replacement policy advertised (we will change linen every three days unless requested)
  • Use energy efficient appliances
  • Hot water tanks have at least 500mm insulation and pipes are sufficiently lagged
  • Showers use less than 12 litres of water per minute
  • Taps use less than 8.5 litres of water per minute
  • PIR controls are utilised for flushing systems

Local conservation...

  • Provide up to date local public transport information
  • Reduce environmental impact of staff travel- car sharing or cycling incentives
  • Endeavour to keep windows and doors shut at night during functions to reduce noise impact to local residents.
  • Prizes regularly given to local charitable organisations.
  • Support work experience placements from local schools.
  • We actively promote local visitor attractions and facilities.

Other initiatives...

  • Soap dispensers have been installed in the public toilets.
  • No more doyleys used.

Ongoing initiatives...

  • Continue to remind staff of CSR items via Team Briefs and encourage new ideas.
  • Regularly review lighting arrangements to see if improvements can be made
  • Endeavour to source suppliers who are willing to take back packaging where appropriate.
  • Continue to remind staff to report water leaks/drips.
  • Review use Fair trade produce.

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