October 15, 2019

Nottingham and Derby are both filled with plenty of rich history, but did you know that they also have more than their fair share of ghost stories and spooky, paranormal goings-on?

If you fancy going on a ghost hunt this Halloween, Best Western Nottingham Derby can provide the perfect base for a spooktacular break. Our hotel is situated between Nottingham and Derby, ensuring that both cities are easily accessible throughout your getaway. Boasting comfortable rooms and all the facilities and amenities that you would expect, you are sure to have an enjoyable stay at Best Western Nottingham Derby.

But where is best to go if you are looking for the biggest and best paranormal happenings in these two cities? We’ve put together a handy guide to some of Nottingham and Derby’s spookiest ghost stories and best local attractions, guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine this Halloween!


Queen’s Medical Centre

Although Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) only opened in 1977, it is still home to more than its fair share of paranormal activity! Among the ghouls haunting the corridors of QMC, a mysterious figure in a long, grey robe has been seen wandering aimlessly during the hours of darkness, only to vanish whenever it is noticed. Additionally, those sleeping in the centre have also reportedly been awoken on occasion by a strange figure.

National Justice Museum

What is now the National Justice Museum is housed in what was once a courtroom, jail, and police station during the Victorian era. Today, the old courtrooms are reportedly haunted by criminals who were once executed on the site, many years ago. This should definitely be a stop on your list, as the Museum is actually said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the UK!

Ye Olde Salutation Inn

Dating back to around 1240, Ye Olde Salutation Inn can certainly stake a claim to being one of Nottingham’s oldest public houses. The Inn is actually situated above the city’s network of ancient caves, adding an entirely new feel to the spooky nature of this pub. Ye Olde Salutation Inn is reportedly home to a whole host of resident ghosts, including a highwayman, a street urchin, and even one of the pub’s former landlords! Why not stop off for a drink in the pub – you never know, you might just come face to face with one of these paranormal characters yourself…

City of Caves

Aside from being a great tourist attraction, visitors to Nottingham’s unique City of Caves may also catch a glimpse of some unexplained ghostly activity. The caves date back to the Dark Ages and over the years, they have been home to a medieval tannery, WW2 air raid shelters, and Victorian slums. Unsurprisingly, the caves are also reportedly haunted by several ghosts including a Victorian woman. On several occasions, the sound of explosions has been heard overhead without reason – the caves were used as air-raid shelters during the war.

Nottingham Castle

There has been a castle on the site in Nottingham since 1068, and unsurprisingly, it seems some of the castle’s former residents and visitors never left… One of the most haunted buildings in Nottinghamshire, the castle is apparently home to spirits including a phantom child, Queen Isabella, and the Countess of Nottingham.


The Dolphin Pub

The Tudor building housing The Dolphin Pub dates back to 1532 and is said to play host to four resident apparitions. These include a young boy, the Grey Lady, the flying Scotsman, and a screaming girl in the pub’s cellar. Are you feeling suitably spooked, yet?

Derby Gaol

The old Derby Gaol is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the country – do you dare to pay it a visit? The jail was used between 1756 and 1828, although the site is now home to a museum. Visitors will gain a unique insight into the site’s history, and you may even experience some paranormal goings-on yourself…

Chester Green

This area of open parkland is surrounded by residential streets and located along the banks of the River Derwent. It might seem picturesque, but this quiet area is actually said to be haunted by Roman soldiers who march through the green under cover of darkness.

Derby Cathedral

Derby Cathedral is a historic Grade I listed church, boasting beautiful architecture and plenty of history. However, the cathedral is also reportedly home to a number of ghosts. A mysterious lady dressed in white has been seen roaming the grounds of the church. Another unknown woman has also been seen walking in the churchyard, carrying a baby in her arms. A third apparition is a gentleman in antiquated clothing who reportedly haunts the cathedral.

Falstaff Brewery

The pub and brewery here are reportedly haunted by a series of ghosts. These include a little boy, an Army Sergeant, a former landlord, and interestingly, a bare-knuckle fighter! Further unexplained paranormal activity has also supposedly been recorded on the site, including things moving by themselves and lights turning on and off.

Are you feeling spooked yet? These are just some of the many unexplained happenings and ghostly goings-on that these historic cities have to offer. Why not book yourself a getaway at Best Western Nottingham Derby and enjoy a spooky hotel break near Nottingham and Derby this Halloween?

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