June 24, 2019

With the right planning, hard work, and an appropriate frame of mind, a small budget doesn't have to determine the success of the event. Whether you need to get a group of businesspeople together to solve a difficult problem, or you simply want to showcase the best of the local area, the meeting rooms at Best Western Nottingham Derby are well placed to meet your needs.

We've put together some ideas of events that you can run on a budget to inspire you further.

Team Building Events

Although elaborate, large-scale events may first come to mind when you think of team building, you can come up with imaginative scenarios, games, or situations with a little creativity and even just a single meeting room. If you need a little technical assistance, speak to one of our staff and we can happily supply technology such as projectors for you to use. Team building is best when it is designed around the team that’s coming into this - while big companies have a lot of resources, you know your team the best. Design the event yourself, and with the use of our space, you can make it happen.

Business Co-Ordination Forums

There are many different trends that could see local areas undergoing major shifts and changes that could have a difficult impact on local businesses of all kinds. If your area is going through these kinds of changes, why not invite some fellow local firms together to discuss your plan of action. Can you work together? Can you coordinate your actions? However you plan to act, you will need a place to meet - and Best Western Nottingham Derby is happy to help!

Local Careers Fair

When we think of careers fairs, we often imagine these huge sprawling affairs in giant halls with dozens of stalls. But when you’re dealing with smaller businesses in a specific local area, this probably won't be necessary. Whether you want to make your own market space or opt for a lecture-type setup, this is the perfect opportunity to get people interested in your business. What better way to do it than the focused and effective environment of a local careers fair?

Local Trade Fair

If there is one thing that many local businesses need more than new talent, it is new customers. Many small businesses are not shop fronts, so they aren’t immediately visible to the community at large. Whether it's a craft fair or more of a market stall setup, Best Western Nottingham Derby's meeting rooms are ideal.

Arts Event

One way to get your business out there is to sponsor local events, and with a smaller community, a great way to do that could be an arts fair. Whether it is displaying paintings or putting on poetry recitals, the choice is yours! Showcasing your business as one that gives space and a voice to the local community will always be a plus.

With a little thought and inspiration, there's no reason why you can't transform a meeting room into the perfect venue for your event. Choose Best Western Nottingham Derby for your event - our team is happy to help.

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